French PM blasts NY Times for ‘false’ picture of life for Muslims in France

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls issued a stern rebuke to the New York Times on Monday after the newspaper published an article he claimed painted a “false” and “intolerable” picture of what life as a Muslim woman is like in France. (France24)

The title of the article published on the New York Times was “The Way People Look at Us Has Changed’: Muslim Women on Life in Europe“:

“For years, we have had to put up with dirty looks and threatening remarks,” wrote Taslima Amar, 30, a teacher in Pantin, a suburb of Paris. “I’ve been asked to go back home (even though I am home).” Now, Ms. Amar said, she and her husband were looking to leave France.

But French PM Valls replied saying: “The Muslim women whom this article has given voice to express only one point of view,” he said “The New York Times journalist should also have been required to interview the vast majority of Muslim women who do not identify with an ultra-vigorous vision of Islam.”


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