Germany, France, Italy: no Brexit talks until formal leave application filed

The European Union will not hold informal talks with the UK until it triggers Article 50 to leave, Germany, France and Italy have insisted. (BBC)

“We cannot afford a deadlock… but I have some understanding for the fact that Britain is taking a certain amount of time to analyze the situation,” Merkel said during a press conference Monday. (Deutsche Welle)

“The day after the referendum we woke up deprived of something – a precious object had been taken away from us,” Renzi said. “We must turn the page,” he said. “We can’t waste time. But at the same time, let us work on a strategy in the coming months that brings us to the heart of what Europe must be”. (ANSA)

Hollande, somewhat more bluntly, urged Britain to “not waste time” in triggering the process to leave, arguing that it was to all parties’ benefit to move forward quickly. “Being responsible means not wasting time — not wasting time in dealing with the question of Britain’s departure, not wasting time too in putting in place the new stimulus that we need to give to the European Union, that is to say, the 27 members.” (FRANCE24)