Greek Orthodox Church condemns ‘politically correctness profanation’ of its churches

Following the Europe-wide controversy over German supermarket chain Lidl’s decision to use photos of famous Greek Orthodox churches with crosses removed in the advertising and packaging of its “Eridanous” line of Greek food, and a number of other provocations, including the filming of a rap video in one church, the Thira Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church, to which the famous Santorini churches belong, has released a condemnatory response, reports

As the holy metropolis is not a devotee of the theory of the ‘multicultural’ character of the monuments, we make it clear that counterfeiting in the photographic depiction of a holy church cannot be tolerated for reasons of political or commercial expediency. On the contrary, it betrays a lack of respect for the integrity and the sanctity of the monuments, and, unfortunately, a lack of education,” press release states.

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