Guy Verhofstadt is officially candidate to the European Parliament presidency

The former Belgian Prime Minister and European Parliament Liberal group leader Guy Verhofstadt has announced today his candidacy to the presidency of the European Parliament. He made his announce on a Youtube video on Friday morning.

Recently, Guy Verhofstadt has been appointed as European Parliament point man for Brexit negotiations.

The election will take place on January 17th, but it’s unlikely that European People’s Party and Socialists groups would give up the European Parliament chairmanship that they agreed to share in 2014. With 67 MEPS, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe is only the fourth group in the European Parliament.

Guy Verhofstadt has been elected as group leader in 2009. He was previously Prime Minister of Belgium from 1999 to 2008 , excluding the Christian-Democrats for the first time since forty years.

The candidates of the two biggest group have already been decided and they are both Italian: Antonio Tajani (Forza Italia, EPP) and Gianni Pittella (PD, S&D).