Half of former EU commissioners now work as lobbyists

A recent Transparency International report shows that 50% of former EU commissioners are currently working for lobbying companies.José Manuel Barroso left the Commission to work as chairman of Goldman Sachs, a few months ago, provoking widespread criticism.

About 30% of former MEPs switched their main working activity from politics to lobbying.

Transparency International analysed the professional activities of 512 former MEPs and commissioners after the end of their mandates:

  • 50% of Google lobbyists worked before for EU institutions;
  • 26 former MEPs (who finished their mandate in 2014) are currently working for registered lobbying companies in Brussels.

Read the full report here.

A positive case is given by the current President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani who decided to give back  468,000 euros to the EU, which he was entitled to receive as a former European Commissioner, in November 2014, as reported by The European Post.