Hollande facing internal political crisis

The discussed “Macron law”, an economic reforms bill, has finally been approved in the French Parliament. Afraid of a possible lack of majority, Hollande used the article 49-3 of the French Constitution to skip parliament vote. The opposition (Sarkozy’s UMP, among the others) already announced it will present a motion of censure first thing in the morning, since this act represent a “negation of democracy”, as described by several deputies, including Hollande himself in 2006. Should this motion obtain a majority of votes, the Government could fall. (L’OBS)

Next days will be extremely delicate for the French government. Even though a fall is not probable, the motion of censure will be a good indicator of the effective strength of the majority (Le Monde)

Polls show 60 percent of the public back the legislation, which responds to longstanding European Commission demands that France open up closed professions to boost its stagnant economy. (Reuters)