Hollande’s diplomatic tour to organize an anti ISIS coalition – will he succeed?

French President François Hollande urged Germany to do more to combat the Islamic State (IS) group as he welcomed Chancellor Angela Merkel for talks in Paris on Wednesday. (France24)

Germany plans to send reconnaissance jets to Syria, to help in the fight against “Islamic State,” according to a Christian Democrat politician. French President Hollande appealed to Germany for help to fight the group. (Deutsche Welle)

Obama spoke in unusually personal and emotive terms directly to the French people about his own memories of spending time in France as he argued that the ISIS shootings and bombings on cafes, a soccer stadium and a concert hall in Paris were by extension an attack on the world itself. (CNN)

Putin to Hollande: Terror Attacks Force Russia, France to Unite Efforts. (Sputnik News)

Hollande is stuck between the U.S. and Russia’s conflicting positions. (Le Monde)

Italian PM Matteo Renzi to Hollande: “There is a need of a broader coalition against ISIS. We also need to use culture to fight the terrorists”. (Corriere della Sera)