Hungary creates new agency to help persecuted Christians worldwide

Eduard von Habsburg, the ambassador of Hungary to the Holy See, confirmed to the Crux news website that Hungary created a new agency with a budget of $3.35 million to assist persecuted Christians worldwide.

The move comes in the wake of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban‘s meeting with Pope Francis and Middle East church leaders in Rome last month. Its tasks is to gather, monitor, and analyze information on persecuted Christians, the National Catholic Register details.

In addition, Hungary’s new department will provide funding for high-profile government visits to areas where Christians are persecuted. It will be led by Tamas Török, the country’s former deputy ambassador to Italy. (Christian Daily)

Christians are persecuted in 81 countries and 200 million of Christians are living in area where they are discriminated“, said Zoltan Balog, Hungarian Minister of Human Resources to ACI Stampa. “For this reasons we decided to create a new department dedicated to the persecuted Christians,” he added.