In Iceland 100% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted – 90% in UK

Ninety per cent of people in the UK who know their child will be born with Down’s syndrome have an abortion – so there are concerns a new, highly accurate test to identify babies with the condition, will lead to even higher rate of abortions, says BBC.

In Iceland, every single baby, 100% of all those diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, are aborted. There hasn’t been a baby with Down’s Syndrome born in Iceland in the past five years. Denmark is following suit, and is expected to be “Down’s Syndrome-free” by 2030 and these cold and chilling statistics show us exactly where legal abortion is leading the rest of Europe,” says Dr Peter McParland, an obstetrician from the National Maternity Hospital to LifeNews.

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani hailed the efforts and courage of people with Down Syndrome by saying “You are for us a school of love, a supplement of love,” during a conference organized by MEP Marek Jurek (Poland, ECPM) and Miro Mikolasik (Slovakia, EPP) for the World Down Syndrome Day on 21th March 2017. He also underlined the need for more funding in research and the need for politicians as well as the EU to work towards finding solutions on issues pertaining to the equal participation of people with Down Syndrome to the society.