International reactions to Netanyahu’s win in Israel

In order to get the right parties vote, PM Netanyahu abandoned a commitment to negotiate a Palestinian state – the basis of more than two decades of Middle East peacemaking – and promised to go on building settlements on occupied land (Reuters)


Cold reaction from the White House: in a statement earlier in the day, Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said only that Mr. Obama was “committed to working very closely with the winner of the ongoing elections to cement and further deepen the strong relationship between the United States and Israel.” (New York Times)

Tension between U.S., Israel likely to continue after Netanyahu’s re-election since Obama and Netanyahu differ starkly on Iran and Middle East peace policy, writes the Wall Street Journal

European Union:

“The EU is committed to working with the incoming Israeli government on a mutually beneficial relationship as well as on the re-launch of the peace process. (…) The EU staunchly supports a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in the interest of the Israeli people, of the Palestinian people and of the whole region. We are at your side, you can count on us” says Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy (EEAS)


In a message on Twitter, UK Prime Minister Cameron said: “Congratulations to Netanyahu on election result. As one of Israel’s firmest friends, UK looks forward to working with new government.”

David Cameron’s pro forma congratulations to Netanyahu mask unease in the British foreign policy establishment at the demise of the two-state solution. (The Guardian)


Le Figaro calls Benjamin Netanyahu “the eternal comeback kid” underlying that even if the majority of press gave his defeat for sure, he has been able to manage to win the election again.

After the yesterday’s first page (see below), Liberation concedes defeat of the centre left party Zionist Union. The French newspaper highlights the problems Netanyahu will face to form coalitions with some of the extreme right parties.



Corriere della Sera calls Netanyahu “the magicians” for his electoral remount. Repubblica stresses the words of Hamas leader accusing him and all Israeli to be terrorists.


After an expected change in leadership in Israel failed, the country’s current prime minister is likely the next one, too. That’s not good news for Israel or the Middle East, says Deutsche Welle‘s Bettina Marx.