Iran nuclear deal – progress in the talks

In Lausanne, U.S. with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia are looking to find an agreement on the possibility for Iran to develop nuclear power and to remove anti-Tehran sanctions.

The negotiators want to ensure Iran‘s nuclear program is just for peaceful civilian purposes, with enough assurances and monitoring to prevent it from producing high-grade fuel for a nuclear bomb. Iran, an oil-rich nation, says it wants to produce its own nuclear fuel for domestic energy, scientific and medical purposes. (USA Today)

Strong criticism from Israel: “Iran would be less than a year away from obtaining a nuclear weapon if its emerging deal with world powers is signed”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday, as talks between Iran and the US-led group of countries went down to the wire in Switzerland. (Times of Israel)

A senior member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team says Tehran and the P5+1 group of countries have reached an agreement on the removal of anti-Tehran sanctions, “but minor issues still remain”. (Tehran Times)