Iraqi Christians saved newborn baby conceived in rape committed by an ISIS terrorist

A newborn baby was sentenced to death after Iraqi tribal leaders discovered it had been conceived in rape committed by an ISIS terrorist, Pontifical Foundation Aid to the Church in Need reveals.

A teenage girl was imprisoned and raped  by ISIS militants, like so many other women belonging to ethnic and religious minorities. The girl was left pregnant and when she was liberated and she came back to her village, the elders of her tribe made the decision to kill the child as soon as it was born. To their way of thinking, it was impossible to leave alive a child whose father is an ISIS militant, since to their mind it was practically the devil who would be the father.

This young woman did not want to kill the child she was carrying within her womb. Somebody put her in touch with the local Christian church community and as a result, she was able to give birth to a baby boy and leave him in the care of women religious, who welcomed him into their orphanage.

Iraqi church saved the life of the baby. This is an example of life and why Christian presence is so important in Middle East,” the foundation stated.

Cover pic credits to Aid to the Church in Need