Iraqi priest in Mosul warns Western countries: “What has happened here will come to you”

It falls to Christian leaders everywhere to work and advocate for their co-religionists in the Middle East,” writes Father Benedict Kiely, a Catholic priest, founder of, which helps persecuted Christians in the Middle East on National Review.

He went to Karemlash, a town of nearly 10,000 people, had been almost 100 percent Christian for centuries.

He witnesses the horrific destruction made by ISIS. “The houses that were not blown up are burned out and filled with booby traps. A few citizens have been returning, briefly, to check the condition of their houses,” he says.

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He asked to the Chaldean Catholic priest who serves as pastor of St. Addai in Iraq, whether all this destruction represented real Islam. “Yes,” he answered strongly, without a moment’s hesitation.

Another elderly priest also added: “Be careful, be very careful. What has happened here will come to you.

Violence and intimidation is inimical to Christianity, despite the Crusades, the last resort of a secularist who has lost the argument. But it’s worth asking whether more conviction from Christian leaders that our faith is actually true might go some way toward converting hearts to the true religion of peace,” Father Benedict Kiely concluded.