Is Navalny the future of Russia?

In less than a year, presidential elections will be held in the Russian Federation. This heats up the political situation in the country. Elections will be held on March 18, 2018. The leader of the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny has announced that he will take part in presidential elections. The usual set of politicians and Vladimir Putin personally will confront him.

The European community supported the Russian blogger, opposition leader, head of Russia-based Foundation “Against corruption” Alexei Navalny. In his program a lot of ideas are close to the one of the Europeans, and of course, he is not afraid to clearly outline his position on the Crimea. This question have provoked a great resonance in Russia and abroad. That’s why Alexei Navalny is risking to lose a substantial number of votes in the upcoming presidential elections of Russia. However, the “Crimean issue” requires a well-defined position.

Crimea became part of Russia after the annexation and a referendum among its population. This provoked a negative reaction in Ukraine, in Europe and all around the world. Outstanding world leaders have called such behavior unacceptable and aggressive. According to leaders of the European Union, such actions undermine the security of the continent and cast doubt on the results of the Second world war, which cost the world so many lives.

We should note that Alexei Navalny mentioned couple times that will not open his campaign headquarters in the Crimea. What does it mean? This is a crucial statement.

It will be the fourth presidential election in Putin’s career. He is a seasoned and tough politician with power. He is accused that he can undermine the career of almost any politician in the world. He is accused of meddling in elections in the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain and Austria.

However, Alexei Navalny will be able to make him a serious competition. Alexei Navalny is a bright representative of the modern progressive European politicians. He is a liberal, a scholar of the program “Yale World Fellows”, the founder of a foundation to fight against corruption in Russia. His principles coincide with the principles of those who in Europe are called “progressive politicians.” He accused of corruption the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Therefore, it has high popularity among young people. He is considered a defender of the interests of ordinary people and a fighter for the truth.

But what does his decision not to open its campaign headquarters in the Crimea mean? Does it mean he doesn’t consider Crime as part of Russia’s territory? Will he bring back Crimea to Ukraine in case of election? Many Europeans hope so. And this is one of several reasons why many Western politicians support Navalny. If he will be elected, the return of Crimea to Ukraine could become a reality, and therefore in the world order will return to its stability.

Navalny wants to bring Russia to European principles and ideals, he intends to make the world safer and stronger, so his position is close and clear to any Europeans, including citizens of Ukraine.

I think to be right, if I say that the future belongs to politicians like Alexei Navalny.