ISIS burns a Christian alive in Sinai

An Egyptian Christian was burned alive by ISIS in northeastern Sinai, according to an Egyptian security source who specified that the alleged ISIS jihadists used a firearm to kill another Coptic Christian, ANSAmed reports.

“The officials said Saad Hana, 65, was shot dead and his son Medhat, 45, was abducted and burned alive before their bodies were dumped on a roadside in el-Arish Wednesday,” Associated Pressed reported.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians have been constantly targeted by Islamic State (ISIS) and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists for years, causing many to flee their homes in order to avoid persecution. On Monday, ISIS released a video threatening Egypt’s Christians, showing church bomber.

On 11 December 25 Christians were killed in a deadly attack against St Mark’s Cathedral, the main Coptic Christian church in Egypt.

Pic: Egypt December 11, 2016. REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh