Israel’s Minister at the European Parliament: “European countries must stop funding NGOs promoting BDS!”

Europe and Israel can enhance their cooperation in every field, from fighting terror to developing hi-tech. However, European countries must stop funding NGOs promoting BDS. The anti-Israel BDS campaign is illegitimate and immoral, and any form of European support for it undermines the chances for peace,” Israel’s Minister of Public Security & Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan said yesterday at the European Parliament during the conference “From Balfour Declaration to Start-Up Nation: How can Europe and Israel prepare for the Future?” .

The conference was organised by the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) in collaboration with the European Coalition for Israel (ECI). The Balfour Declaration is a marking point for contemporary history as it stood at the basis of the foundation of the Jewish State of Israel. A conference was organised to commemorate this Declaration that was written 100 years ago.

Concerning the EU-Israel relations, MEP Bas Belder emphasised the importance of strengthening the cooperation between Israel and the EU while ECPM President MEP Branislav Skripek shared his feeling with the audience that we are witnessing an immense spiritual shift that will have huge political and economic impact for the future.

Member of the Israeli Parliament Knesset Robert Ilatov encouraged his Christian friends to continue their work onwards from the Balfour Declaration and Yoel Hasson, also Member of the Knesset reminded the audience that “we need to be connected to the values of the Balfour Declaration. Israel needs to be safe and open to everyone. An important value of Israel was the realisation that they did not only need an army but also science, education and technology. This understanding connect Israel to Europe”.


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