Italy: no clear majority. Anti-establishment 5 Star Movement and Lega Nord big winners

Projections suggest no clear majority after the vote on the 4th of March. Anti establishment movements 5Star and Lega Nord are set to be the big winners of the Italian elections. Berlusconi’s centre-right coalition will probably have more seats in the Parliament but without the majority needed to form a government. Disaster for Matteo Renzi’s Partito Democratico set to be below 20%. The pro-Europe party led by Emma Bonino is set not to reach the threshold to get into the Parliament (3%).

  • 5 Star Movement: 32%
  • Partito Democratico: 19%
  • Lega Nord: 16%
  • Forza Italia: 14%
  • Fratelli d’Italia: 4%
  • +Europa 2%

Centre-right coalition: 35%

Centre-left coalition: 23%