Italy: party consultations to form a new government has started and spotlights are now on the Quirinale Palace

The party consultations to form a new government has started in Italy. The president of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will take note of the different political group positions and only in case of a clamorous twist, will the country remain in a deadlock.

It is certain that the first round of  consultations with the presidents of the two chambers which begins today and ends with meeting with political forces on Thursday, will lead to a second one that delve into the changes in positions and strategies of the parties.

Anyway the Quirinale has already leaked three crucial aspects on which the President demands extreme clarity:

  1. Political alliances with large a large majority, that can guarantee a majority required to create a solid government;
  2. Programs  that include responses to national emergencies (such as the fight against poverty);
  3. Clear profiles of those who will run for the role of President of the Council, before entrusting the chosen one with the position.

5 Star leader Luigi Di Maio‘s rigid approach is destined to complicate any possible solution. In these hours, he proposed to sign a contract Lega Lord’s leader with Salvini or with the centre-left Democrats, but he has vetoed any alliance with Forza Italia. M5S proposal was immediately declared unacceptable by the Democratic Party.

Forza Italia has also strongly opposed Di Maio: “We are not able to make a government with those who demonstrate that they did not understand the role that the voters have attributed to Silvio Berlusconi and our party” says Maria Stella Gelmini, head of Forza Italia Deputies delegation.

For the moment, the only clear thing is the position of Salvini who should reaffirm the concept that the center-right coalition is compact and able to give a government to the country.

Tomorrow will also be Berlusconi’s turn at the Quirinale. Antonio Tajani will not participate in the meeting as he is still waiting to be appointed Vice President of Forza Italia.

Antonio Tajani could represent the alter ego of Berlusconi in all aspects: the new strong man of the party, the more appropriate and pro-European moderate politician of Berlusconi’s galaxy. He’s the most suitable to be facing the candidate to the premiership Matteo Salvini and to deal directly with Luigi Di Maio, in this very delicate phase caused by the M5S veto on the presence of Forza Italia and its leader at the negotiating table.

Everything has been ready since yesterday for the first round of consultations at the Quirinale. The second one should only take a few hours. But nobody can exclude that a third round of consultations may also be required to have a government in Italy.