Libyan crisis and Italy under ISIS threat

Militants affiliated with the Libyan branch of Islamic State (Isis) released a video on Sunday evening claiming to show the mass beheading of 21 Christians kidnapped in Libya. (Guardian)

One of the militants said “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission.” In the meantime the Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni ordered to close the Italian embassy in Tripoli, one of the last European missions in Libya and to evacuate 100 Italians (Corriere della Sera)

Italian Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti said that Italy was willing to lead an international coalition against jihadists in Libya to defend the Italian coast that now it is only 350 km from the “the Caliphate” (Il Messaggero)

Despite mounting concern in Rome over the country’s exposure to the fallout from the chaos engulfing its former colony, Renzi ruled out military intervention in Libya in the short term (ANSA)