Italy’s Europe Minister Gozi: “EU rules ‘very favourable’ to Germany” – all latest political fights between Italy and Germany

Italy’s Europe Minster Sandro Gozi says the eurozone budget rules “have worked well for one big country at the centre of Europe”. He told Hardtalk: “They have been very favourable to Germany. Now they are changing. We must push for further change because we need to have a more balanced approach.

Italian positions towards a German hegemony of the European Union are not new in Brussels:

  • Italian PM Renzi asked Chancellor Merkel the resignation of Selmayr (from Germany), head of Juncker’s cabinet;
  • Italian leading newspaper Corriere della Sera denounced that Germany took all positions in the European Institutions;
  • The only Italian left Juncker’s cabinet in contrast with Head of Cabinet Selmayr (Germany);
  • When German Finance Minister Schaeuble said: “EU should check countries’ budgets.” The then Italian PM Renzi replied: “EU should start by checking Germany first;”
  • On Merkel’s criticism towards changing EU budget rules, the then Italian PM Renzi replied: ““We don’t want and we didn’t ask to change rules but we should remember that Germany didn’t respect the rules in 2003 because the then Italian PM Berlusconi allowed it. Germany put 247 billion of euro to save its banks at that time.
  • After Bratislava Summit in September 2016, Renzi said: “I don’t know what Merkel is referring to when she talks about the ‘spirit of Bratislava’,” he said. “If things go on like this, instead of the spirit of Bratislava we’ll be talking about the ghost of Europe.