Juncker calls for a common EU-military

In the Ukraine crisis, Europe oughts to build a common foreign and security policy in order to take responsibility. During an interview for the German newspaper Die Welt, the EU Commission President Juncker calls for a common EU-military in this frame. (Der Spiegel)

He suggested two major benefits: to improve the bloc’s standing on the world stage, and to send a message to Moscow. (Deutsche Welle)

Former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana is set to present the findings of a report titled ‘More Union in European Defense‘ today in Brussels calling for a new European security strategy including military capability to intervene beyond EU borders. (AFP)

Pieter Cleppe, Political Analysts and responsible of the Brussels office of Open Europe, expressed his doubts on Twitter:

Schermata 2015-03-08 a 14.51.04

On the Financial Times, a UK Government spokesperson immediately stopped Juncker’s idea saying that defense is a national and not EU responsibility. (Financial Times)


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