Law suits (not only) war between Russia and Ukraine

Crimea’s deputy PM has told reporters that the republic could sue Ukraine in an international court for damages inflicted by 20 years of disastrous misrule that could be compared to looting, which ended in the collapse of the peninsula’s infrastructure.

Crimea has the right to file a countersuit and demand that Ukraine compensates for the looting it did on the peninsula for two decades. At that time, under the ‘patronage’ of Kiev authorities, Crimean lands and real estate got sold for nothing. They took all of the taxes that were collected, but invested nothing into our infrastructure or economy,” deputy chairman of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbek said in comments with RIA Novosti. (Russia Today)

And on the other side…

Ukraine is preparing a series of lawsuits in relation to Russia’s violating international conventions. That’s according to Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s foreign minister, who delivered a statement at the 12th meeting of heads of diplomatic mission in Kyiv on Monday. (Ukraine Today)