Lazio fans post anti-semitic stickers of Anne Frank in Roma shirt

ANSALazio fans put up stickers of Anne Frank in a Roma shirt and daubed anti-semitic slogans “of all kinds” on the Curva Sud of the Olimpico during Lazio’s 3-0 win over Cagliari last night, sources said Monday. “This is not a curva, this is not soccer, this is not sport,” said the president of Rome’s Jewish community, Ruth Dureghello, posting a photo of the Anne Frank sticker and another one bearing the words “Jewish Roma fan”. “Get the anti-semites out of the stadiums,” said Dureghello on Twitter.

The stickers and flyers were removed by cleaning staff at the ground ahead of Wednesday’s game between Roma and Crotone. But security staff did not report the incident, police said.