LGBT community calls for President Obama to veto Portugal’s Guterres’ race for UN Secretary General

Homosexuality is not an aspect that I particularly like” and “it has to be considered a mental disorder” are the two disputed statements, made in 1995 by Portugal’s Guterres, candidate to succeed Ban Ki Moon as the next Secretary General of the United Nations.

The former Prime Minister of Portugal and former head of the UN refugee agency, has been in first place in the UN Security Council first informal straw polls.

Those statements have been strongly criticized by Dalibor Vukcevic, Executive Director of the LGBT Action Group . He  calls for the five permanent members and the ten non-permanent members of the UN Security Council to “immediately stop voting for Mr Guterres. And if time comes to that, President Obama must ensure that the United States veto such a person: a Homophobic and Anti-Women’s Rights person cannot be the UN Secretary General.