Madrid to have an anti austerity mayor. Who is Manuela Carmena?

Manuel Carmena

  • born 9 February 1944.
  • graduated in law in 1965.
  • defender of the workers and detainees during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.
  • member of the Communist Party of Spain
  • Judge of Penitentiary Vigilance and head of the Penitentiary Vigilance Court in Madrid.
  • elected senior judge of Madrid in 1993.

What are the main points of her programme?

  1. Use all municipal means and resources to stop evictions from primary residences and guarantee alternative accommodation for the evicted.
  2. Stop the privatization of public services, the outsourcing of municipal services to large companies and the sale of public heritage sites.
  3. Guarantee basic utilities (electricity and water) to all households that cannot afford them.
  4. Guarantee access to municipal healthcare services and promote healthy policies for all citizens, regardless of their situation.
  5. Develop an urgent plan to get young people and the long-term unemployed into work.

(El Pais)