Malta allegedly sold up top 80,000 Schengen visas to Libyans, Maltese politician denounces

Transcripts of a number of Libyans claiming they bought visas from an official in the Office of the Prime Minister were submitted in court on Monday, The Times of Malta reports.

The transcripts, along with a hefty document detailing how the alleged racket was conducted, were submitted in court by Ivan Grech Mintoff (Party leader of Alleanza Bidla and European Christian Political Movement member) as evidence to back claims of high-level corruption.

The scandal points to high-level direct involvement in criminal activities such as visa trade and human trafficking. Up to 88.000 Schengen visas and an unknown number of medical visas were allegedly illegally sold for millions of euros without proper checks in a country where ISIS-terrorists are active. This may have seriously impacted national security across Europe.  

 Mr. Ivan Grech Mintoff comments: “The apparent illicit sales of visas by persons close to the Prime Minister calls into question the security of the Schengen system. I hope and pray that no terrorists gained access to the EU with visas issued by Malta. Furthermore, I believe we have a duty to help those children and adults who were in dire need of medical treatment and didn’t get their medical visas because their families couldn’t afford the bribes and as a result were disabled or died.