Merkel seeks party support within CDU and CSU

Angela Merkel secured her position of CDU leader with an overwhelming vote at this Sunday’s congress: 89,5%. This score could be compared to a soviet-era election, but was it really a success ? Actually, it reveals a lack of confidence inside the Christian-Democratic Union.

Elected for the first time in 2000 by a 95,9% vote, Ms. Merkel continuously kept the party leadership without backbenchers rebellion.

The 2016-Congress will be remembered for a loss of seven points in favour of the German chancellor. It does not implies that Ms. Merkel is in difficulty, but her ability to convince the party members is less good than before.

The CDU brother-party, the Christian Social Union (active in Bavaria only) did not participate to this vote. And it’s likely to consider that the more conservative wing of the “Union” is still irritated by Angela Merkel’s open-door policy on immigration.

The latest survey for ARD has shown a 13-percent surge in support for Angela Merkel ahead of the 2017 elections. A majority of respondents said they also supported Germany taking a stronger role in international crises, reported Deutsche Welle.