‘Merry Christmas’ comes back to White House Christmas greeting instead of Obama’s “Happy Holidays”

generic viagra 40 mg The sparkle of the holiday season comes to the White House every year, but Donald Trump had promised the country more than twinkling lights and decked halls. As a candidate on the campaign trail, he pledged to end the perceived “ http://chennaitrekkers.org/?q=viagra-drug-interactions-amlodipine War on Christmas,Washington Post reports.


generic tadalafil 20mg The US president has rallied against the phrase “happy holidays” which he deems excessively politically correct. President Trump made sure his official Christmas card reflected this sentiment by wishing Americans a “ http://changtengyuan.com/?q=viagra-cheap-visa Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” instead of the more generic salutation of “ generic viagra and online pharmacies happy holidays” as done previously by Obama’s administration.