Minister President of Bavaria: “Christian crosses in every government building!”

During a Presidency’s cabinet minister meeting today, we decided to display a Christian cross in every government building for a full commitment to our Bavarian identity and Christian values. That’s why I installed a cross outside the State Chancellery right after the meeting,” Markus Söder (CSU, EPP), Minister President of Bavaria, Germany.

Markus Söder (born 5 January 1967 in Nuremberg) is a German politician and party member of the Christian Social Union (CSU). He has been the Minister President of Bavaria since March 2018. In March 2018, lawmakers formally elected Söder as new Minister-President to replace Horst Seehofer, who had become German interior minister in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new cabinet. He received 99 of the 169 state deputies’ votes, with 64 voting against — a better result than Seehofer when he began his final term in 2013.