More than half of British population has ‘no religion’ – Christians mark new record low

People with religious faith are outnumbered in Britain by a record number of non-believers. The proportion of Britons declaring that they have no religion has risen from 48 per cent in 2015 to 53 per cent last year, the British Social Attitudes Survey has found, as reported by The Times.

The decline in religious affiliation is hitting the Church of England particularly hard, according to the survey. Just 15 per cent of people in Britain consider themselves Anglican. This is half the proportion who said they were Anglican in 2000.

Of the overall six per cent belonging to other faiths, half were Muslim and a third were Hindu, with Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist and other groups all smaller, The Telegraph underlines.

In January, Breitbart London reported that less than a third of millennials believe Britain is a Christian country, whilst more than 40 per cent say the UK has no specific religious identity.