Mother of Hevrin Khalaf at European Parliament called on women of the world to join hands against the Erdoğan regime

“The invasion began on October 9 and targeted Hevrin Khalaf and brutally murdered her on October 12. Mother Aqida headed to Serekaniye for peace on October 13 and they murdered her too. They hit humanity over women as the revolution of Rojava is a women’s revolution,” said Suad Mustafa, mother of Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf who was murdered by Turkey’s mercenaries on October 12 after Turkish invasion of Northern Syria.

The powerful message of the mother of Hevrin Khalaf was given at a conference at the European Parliament in Brussels focused on Rojava.

“Hevrin’s voice became the voice of the world, the voice of humanity. She became a symbol and a value for women’s freedom,” the mother continued.


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