“Muslims against Christmas” page appears on Facebook

A page “Muslim against Christmas” has appeared on Facebook proclaiming a “jihad against Christmas“.

The page is in Italian and it is openly against the Christian 25 December Holy day that marks the nativity of Jesus Christ.  “We don’t want nativity scenes in the Italian schools” or “when we finish the jihad against Christmas we will start a new one against Easter that celebrate the fake resurrection of Jesus Christ,” are some of the status we can read on this page.

The main objective of the page, as can be read in their description is to abolish Christmas because it goes against the jihad”

Many Italian users attacked the page, commenting under its status. The texts are written in bad Italian and the images are of poor quality. While it could seem a fake page,  Facebook administrators should remove it because the stupidity of this kind of messages hearts people of all faiths, including Muslims who are perfectly integrated in Italy and its traditions.