Nestlé puts back Christian crosses on Greek yogurt packaging

In October 2017, an article by The European Post denounced that the world’s largest food and beverage company Nestlé had removed a Christian cross from its Greek yogurt packaging representing an Orthodox church in the Greek island of Santorini.

After the article sparked polemics, Nestlé admitted concerns were raised about how these images were simplified, particularly the fact that crosses on top of church buildings in the pictures did not appear in some of their promotional materials. “It was never our intention to mislead consumers or misrepresent particular locations through doing so“, Nestlé Customer service said in an emailed statement to the European Post.

Nestlé said it would ensure that imagery of buildings or places used to promote their Greek yogurt products reflect accurately the real locations depicted. 

The first packaging of Greek yogurts have started to show again the Christian cross on top of the island’s Orthodox church, as shown in the image below.


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