Netanyahu won election in Israel

After a neck and neck with Herzog, leader of the centre left Zionism Union, current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu won the election hold yesterday in Israel. His party Likud won 30 seats, while Zionism Union  won only 24. Next came the Joint (Arab) List on 13 seats, Yesh Atid on 11, Kulanu on 10 and the Jewish Home on 8. They were followed by Shas and United Torah Judaism on 7 each, Yisrael Beytenu on 6, and Meretz on 4 seats. The Israeli Parliament Knesset has 120 seats in total.

Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?

The votes of Israeli soldiers are expected to be counted later today.

According to first analysis, Likud took votes from the centre and from the far right and it became the first party in Israel. In the streets of Tel Aviv, the people are shouting “Bibi, Bibi” comparing the name of Netanyahu to the name of one of the most important figure in Israeli history: David Ben Gurion.

PM promises new coalition with other ‘nationalist parties’. (Times of Israel)