Netherlands euthanized 252 mentally ill people in 2017

The DutchNL news reported that the regional euthanasia review committee’s annual report was released indicating that the number of assisted deaths increased by another 8% to 6585 assisted deaths were reported in 2017 up from 4,188 five years ago.

The DutchNL news, indicated that the number of assisted deaths for dementia or psychiatric reasons also increased in 2017, with 169 people dying by euthanasia for dementia (3 were advanced dementia) and 83 people dying by euthanasia for psychiatric reasons.

Criminal investigations have been launched into four cases of euthanasia in the Netherlands after a sharp rise in the number of doctor-assisted deaths, The Guardian reveals. The cases follow the opening of a criminal inquiry last year into the euthanasia of a 74-year-old woman who was described by prosecutors as “seriously demented” and legally incapable of choosing whether to die or not. The law in the Netherlands changed in 2002 to allow doctors to end the life, on request, of people in “unbearable suffering”, for whom there is no prospect of improvement.