“No Turkey in the EU”, Austria’s Chancellor Kurz says 

“The talks on membership between the EU and Turkey should be ended taking into account the system systematic violations of human rights and essential democratic values, and because the Copenhagen Criteria [rules defining if the state is ready to join the European Union] are not implemented anymore,” said Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz during an interview with Die Welt magazine.

The Austrian politician also said Turkey was still an important partner of the European Union and the ties between Ankara and Brussels should be maintained based on the policy of good neighbourliness.

Turkey has vetoed Nato’s co-operation with Austria, a move which had blocked the alliance’s partnership activities with 41 countries, BBC reports. As a result, Nato members recently agreed to change its procedures, allowing partnerships to go ahead on a country-by-country basis. Austria is not in Nato, but co-operates closely with it and has more than 400 troops serving in Kosovo. Turkey is angry with Austria for trying to block its bid to join the EU.