“Nobody deserves to be hated. Absolutely no one. Let’s respect each other,” daughter of Poland’s president Duda says

Kinga Duda, the daughter of the newly elected President of Poland Andrzej Duda stuns crowd with election speech. After a deeply divisive electoral campaign she took the floor at last night’s election when she appeared alongside her dad to address the gathered crowds.

“Of course, we have to wait for the official election results, but I know that if it turns out in a few days that dad won the election, I know that he will do his job well. However, regardless of who wins the election, I would like to appeal to you that nobody in our country should be afraid to leave the home. Because regardless of what we believe, what colour we have, what views we have, what candidate we support and who we love – we are all equal and we all deserve respect. Nobody deserves to be hated. Absolutely no one. Let’s respect each other.”

These words arrive after Duda won the the Polish presidential election. Duda is backed by the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party and pushed traditional values in mostly-Catholic Poland. The ruling party has been praised by Poles for their social policies which have lifted many out of poverty, particularly in rural communities. But critics have accused the government of exacerbating social rifts by targeting minorities, like Jews and the LGBT community, as well as eroding democratic norms since it took power in 2015, as reported by Euronews.