Opening: new European School in Belgium without priority for children of EU Institutions

With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federal Government, Europe’s first accredited European school in Belgium will open in September, 2016, at Argenteuil in Waterloo. The European School Brussels-Argenteuil is a joint project of the Lycée Molière and the Scandinavian School of Brussels.

The EEBA will be set in a 20 acre park on the campus of the historic of Château of Argenteuil, near Brussels. Offering excellent sporting, scientific and classroom facilities the campus will provide an outstanding learning environment. Once accredited by the Board of Governors of the European Schools, the EEBA will be the 14th school of its kind in Europe

As an accredited European school, the EEBA will have an open, inclusive admissions policy and will not prioritise the children of staff of the EU institutions. These children at present take up 96% of the places in the 4 existing European Schools in Brussels.

The school will open three different language sections (English, Swedish and one of the Belgian national languages) and, according to demand, additional language sections will be added. The school will be self-financing without government intervention, and will, as it grows, offer the full curriculum of the European Schools from pre-school through to the European Baccalaureate. Students will become fluent and literate in three or four languages​, taught by mother tongue teachers.

Class sizes will be limited to 24 students.

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