Putin visiting Budapest: agreement to extend gas supply contract

Putin visited the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in Budapest. His visit was mostly about renewing Hungary’s gas contract which expires this year. (Business Insider)

As expected, after several hours of talks, Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said they had reached agreement to extend the gas supply contract. About 80 percent of Hungary’s natural gas flows from Russia. (Reuters)

No mention on the possibility of a Kremlin’s offer to Budapest a nuclear power plant to be financed, built and supplied by Russia state companies as anticipated by the Washington Post.

Leaders in Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic all increasingly play a double game of courting EU riches while also flirting with Russian patronage.

During the press conference, the Hungarian prime minister also criticized those in Europe who want to isolate Russia. “We are convinced that locking Russia out of Europe is not rational,” Orban said. (Reuters)

Russian ties with EU Member States

“It is important for Moscow to show that there still are states whose governments are ready to host Russia,” said historian and Russia expert Zoltan Sz. Biro to AFP.

In the photo, a meeting between Putin and Orban in 2014