Organ-trafficking in Kosovo? New Hague-based Special Court set up to find it out

US lawyer David Schwendiman has been appointed as the chief prosecutor of the new Hague-based Special Court which is expected to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters. (Balkan Insight)

Chief prosecutor of inquiry into alleged Kosovan war crimes, says politics will not influence decisions. The chief prosecutor appointed to a specialist court in The Hague investigating the alleged trafficking of human organs during the Kosovo war has said he will follow any evidence that is uncovered. (Guardian)

Schwendiman is investigating allegations made in a 2010 Council of Europe report that senior members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, including current Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, ran detention centers where civilian captives, including Serbs, were killed and their organs sold on the black market during Kosovo’s war for independence from Serbia. Thaci denies the claims. (Fox News)

The organ-trafficking allegations first emerged in a 2010 report by Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty, which claimed that groups including senior Kosovo Albanian guerrillas had been involved in killing several Serb and Albanian prisoners and removing their kidneys to sell them. The 2010 report also detailed other human rights abuses by elements connected to the former KLA, as well as “a nexus” between KLA elements and organised crime. (Balkan Insight)