Over $1 Million to build schools for persecuted Christian children in Syria thanks to Pontifical Foundation ACN

$1 Million is the amount allocated by the Pontifical Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need” (ACN) to help Christian communities who remained in Syria.

ACN announced to have financed 32 projects in the major urban centres of Homs, Aleppo, and Damascus. “A number of projects target children and young people. They include help for two Christian badly damaged schools in Aleppo run by religious sisters, one of which also houses an orphanage. The number of pupils at the schools has fallen sharply, since many families have fled or emigrated, and those who are left cannot afford to pay for their children’s schooling. This way, the 145 children still studying there—down from a pre-war total of 1000—can continue their education, boosting their families’ spirits and willingness to remain in Aleppo.” ACN states.

What we’re doing is focusing on the most basic of aid, so we’ve got food aid, for example for 2,200 displaced families in both Aleppo and a neighbouring city of Hasakah; we’ve got ongoing support for two schools run by religious sisters in Aleppo and we’ve also got a multi-purpose sports hall and pitch for young Christians in Aleppo, as well as support for university students and support for widows and those who have been war wounded…” John Pontifex, spokesman of ACN told Vatican Radio.