Papal visit to UAE is a ‘breakthrough,’ Jan Figel says

The first ever papal visit to the Arab Gulf marks a “historical breakthrough” according to Jan Figel the European Union’s religious freedom envoy.

When trusted leaders show their example and commitment for human brotherhood, this is the great contribution to peaceful coexistence in diversity,” he told to CNA – the Catholic News Agency.

Victims of the violent extremism are not only vulnerable minorities, but opposing peaceful Muslim communities as well.After terrorist attacks on 9/11 of 2001, after Beslan massacre in Chechnya in 2004 and especially after rise of brutal movement of ISIS/Daesh since 2014 and other militant groups of Islamists there is an ongoing quest by numerous Muslim scholars, religious and political leaders for the elimination of frequent abuse of Islam by various groups in pursuit of their power and interests,.

Pope Francis has spoken out against the rampant materialism afflicting the world and urged people to live simpler lives, The National writes.

The pontiff also paid tribute to the hundreds of thousands of Catholics living in the UAE — most of whom live far away from their family and friends.Francis called for more understanding between the world’s religions and for people to promote peace starting in their own communities.