PM of Hungary Orban: “We have a future only if we protect our Christian and Hungarian culture”

“We Hungarians have a future, only if we remain Hungarians, if we cultivate our language, protect our Christian and Hungarian culture, and if we guard our independence and Hungarian freedom,” Hungary’s Orban said during his annual State of the Nation speech.

Until now Hungary has also succeeded, according to the prime minister, because we have courageously stood our ground, confronting in 2010 the dictates of political correctness. We got rid of the “euro blah-blah,” the “liberal sweet-talk” and the “empty words of political correctness.” The PM reminded that even if Hungary is now independent, this independence must still be defended. “We have sent the muzzle back to Brussels and the leash back to the IMF,” Prime Minister Orbán said, stressing that the fate of the country should never be in the hands of internationalists again.