Polish MEP Jurek urges for protection Christian refugees

Last December, Polish MEP Marek Jurek (European Christian Political Movement) issued a motion for a resolution on the need for special assistance for Christian refugees. However, nothing has been done since then and the resolution has still not been put on the agenda of the European Parliament.

The motion for a resolution mentions several instances that substantiate the need for special assistance to Christian refugees. Some of the mentioned examples:

  1. Christian family from Iraq was beaten in the asylum seekers’ camp in Germany and has returned to Mosul as they could not endure the threats against them.
  2. Assyrians from Sweden were harassed with threats specific to IS, and
  3. Senior German police officers have called for separate accommodation for Christians in camps, for their own safety.

Because the situation has not gotten any better since last December, Open Doors Germany has recently called for the protection of Christian refugees as well.

Marek Jurek is concerned about those developments as well and wants to speed up the process of this resolution. “European societies have the right to know what this immigration means. The drama of 10.000 missing children, the drama of Christians being the victim of violence by Muslims in the refugee camps – European societies have to know all these facts. Keeping silent is a disgrace – my appeal is foremost a humanitarian appeal. Political correctness cannot stand in the way of this”, he said.

ECPM (European Christian Political Movement) wholeheartedly agrees: “We urge the presidents of the political groups of the European Parliament to get this motion for a resolution on the plenary agenda”. Freedom of belief and religion is a fundamental right in Europe. Let us make clear that it should not be necessary to give special attention to Christian refugees to protect them. However, now their safety is at risk it has become essential that they get special assistance.

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