Political decision-making should bring concrete results in favour of society

Article written by Dimitris Papadimoulis, Vice President of the European Parliament and head of Syriza party

The fiscal performance of the Greek economy and the proper organization and mastering of the return to the global bond markets by the government have yielded positive results for Greece.

These developments prove that we are on the right track and that investors show trust to the Greek economy. To that end, the Greek government is determined to put an end to rescue programs, achieve to re-finance its public debt successfully in the post-memoranda era, and hold the society and Greek people accountable for these achievements.

In this context, it is critical that Greece is re-entering into the investment world and foreign media are endorsing this positive prospect. In the coming period, and until August 2018, Syriza government has to coordinate a string of reforms and initiatives that will attract large-scale investments and re-instate the labour market that has been dismantled by the mismanagement of the previous governments of ND and PASOK parties.

At the same time, it is vital for the government to elaborate a growth-oriented political programme that will build conditions for sustainable development, bolster the comparative advantages of the domestic economy, and gradually re-institute economic normality.

The launch of a concrete production model is a major priority, and this can come after an extensive and fruitful debate with the regional authorities. Furthermore, bureaucratic hurdles have to be convincingly addressed, education reforms to be legislated and implemented, and a reform in the fiscal mix to be put forth so that re-distribution of income and tax income can be processed.

These strategic priorities cannot be successful without the active participation of social groups and the civil society. All these people that feel disappointed and deserted need to take part in the debate over the future of Greece along with the democratic political forces that stand for progressive policies.

After seven years of hardship and economic turbulences, the country is getting closer to the exit from the austerity tunnel. It is disappointing to witness these political parties that have pushed Greece to default to keep distorting reality and using preposterous arguments and fake news to downgrade the progress that has been made.

It goes without saying that we should all look ahead and try to shape a steady and prosperous future for our citizens. Politics should bring vision, trust and concrete results in the benefit of the society, not hatred.


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