Pope Francis: “Don’t cancel differences between women and men”

It is impossible to deny the contribution of modern culture to the rediscovery of the dignity of sexual difference. Therefore, it is also very disconcerting to observe that this culture has a tendency to cancel out difference instead of resolving the problems that mortify it,Pope Francis said at the Pontifical “John Paul II” Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.

In remarks prepared for the occasion and delivered on Thursday morning in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis described the Church’s understanding of the family based on marriage as an expression and fulfilment of human nature and ordered to the general flourishing of the human race as a “great treasure” that is in need of “ransom” from several alarming intellectual, cultural, and social trends threatening it in many political societies around the world. (Radio Vaticana)

To understand the dignity of both man and woman “requires a proper appreciation of the relationship between the two. How can we know fully our own concrete humanity other than through an appreciation of the complementary difference between ourselves, man or woman, and the other sex?” he also added. (CNA)