Positive reactions in the international press for EU Commissioner Georgieva’s candidacy for UN top job

“Georgieva won a good reputation as an effective administrator and advocate as head of EU humanitarian affairs,” The Guardian says.

Georgieva is authentic. She’s always lively and outspoken, yet listens carefully to whomever speaks with her. At times she is funny, her quips in discussions are guaranteed to provoke giggles, even with the most serious of Eurocrats” – Deutsche Welle

The Bulgarian is highly regarded in Brussels, where she presides over the often tortuous EU budget negotiations as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the European Commission. She is well-liked among staff, who label her politically astute but also “exhausting”, with long hours and short-to-nonexistent weekends the norm. She will take unpaid leave to campaign in New York” – Financial Times

The good work she has done at the World Bank and at the EU level is widely recognised at International level” – Euronews Italian

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov said the government will be seeking support for Georgieva from neighboring countries. “I want to thank Ms Bokova, but we must transfer our support to Kristalina Georgieva,” Mitov said. (AP)

If elected, Georgieva would be the first Russian-speaking secretary-general in U.N. history, but must first overcome Russian skepticism, given she is a leader of a body currently imposing sanctions against the country over its actions in Ukraine, as reported by Politico Europe.