Catalonia divided over independence claims

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A total of 5.5 million citizens have been called to vote in the northeastern region today, in polls that have been cast as a de facto referendum on independence from Spain. (El Pais)

Independence doesn’t convince half of the voters. (El Mundo)

The main separatist alliance “Junts per Si” (Together for Yes) is set to win 63-66 of the 135 seats, according to the poll for local broadcaster TV3. The far-left separatist CUP looks set to secure 11-13 seats, the poll said. “Junts per Si” and the CUP said before the vote that a majority would allow them to declare independence from Spain unilaterally within 18 months. (BBC)

Al Jazeera‘s Jonah Hull, reporting from Barcelona, said the result of the vote “could set the stage for a political and constitutional crisis in Spain, and possibly, beyond”. (Al Jazeera)