Professor who opposes Gender-Neutral pronouns suspended by YouTube and Google

A professor in Canada who refuses to use gender-neutral pronouns and criticizes political correctness society was banned from using his Google and YouTube accounts Tuesday.

University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson had enough of what he saw as a campus culture where “social justice warrior, left-wing radical political activists” ran rampant, BBC reports. In September he released a video lecture series taking aim at political correctness.

Dr Peterson was especially frustrated with being asked to use alternative pronouns as requested by trans students or staff, like the singular ‘they’ or ‘ze’ and ‘zir’, used by some as alternatives to ‘she’ or ‘he’.

Peterson is a strong opponent of a bill passed by the Canadian Parliament last month that makes discrimination on the basis of gender identity illegal. Peterson had argued that the bill would criminalize the act of not using preferred pronouns when speaking to a transgender person. However, that claim has been refuted by the University of Toronto’s Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies.

Transgender activists insisted he was a bigot and a transphobe. His university sent him a letter warning him that his refusal would violate the rights of transgender people. Media outlets pilloried him as a man using his position to express his hatred, and quoted progressives and LGBT activists saying the same thing.

I’ve studied authoritarianism for a very long time – for 40 years – and they’re started by people’s attempts to control the ideological and linguistic territory,” he told the BBC. “There’s no way I’m going to use words made up by people who are doing that – not a chance.”

Please tell me what principle I have violated,” Peterson reportedly wrote in an email to Google, which owns YouTube. “I have not violated any terms that I am aware of and have not misused my account,” he asked.

The psychology professor has over 350,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, which he uses as a platform to post his lectures, interviews, and Q&As.

We understand you’ve recently been unable to access your Google account, and we appreciate you contacting us,” said Google in a response. “After review, your account is not eligible to be reinstated due to a violation of our Terms of Service.”

Mr. Peterson’s account was eventually reinstated as news of the shutdown spread across social media platforms, although no reason was given by Google, Washington Times reported.

Canadian lawmakers voted in 2016 to change the country’s national anthem to make the lyrics gender neutral, a move that comes as Justin Trudeau got in power.

Also London scraped the wording ‘ladies and gentlemen’ from Tube tannoy announcements to become more ‘gender neutral’ in July 2017.