Ramadan prayer at the feet of Virgin Mary monument spurs controversy in Spain

The Muslim community in Granada, Spain, observed Ramadan on Saturday evening praying at a historic park called the Gardens of Triumph, which for many Catholics is a tribute to Virgin Mary. The event, which the city promoted with signs that read “Come and know Ramadan,” was held in the Catholic bastion to the ire of many Granadians, who say allowing the Islamic prayer there is “a new demonstration of the clumsiness” of Mayor Francisco Cuenca’s and the socialist government.

Granada was under Islamic rule for almost 800 years, until a reconquest took place in 1492 during the reign of Catholic King Fernando and Queen Isabel.

According to a Pew Research poll, 50% of Spanish have a negative view of Muslims.

Many protests of politicians who accused the Muslim community and the City Hall administration to create a provocation.

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